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Yoga is one of the most relaxing meditation exercises that you can do to calm your mind and soul. Today in this stressful world, we all should give some time to our bodies and souls.
Therefore, today we have with us an experienced yoga instructor, Mr. Rahul Jha from Redcliffe who will teach you a 15 minutes yoga regime that can help refresh your mind. So do inculcate these exercises in your daily routine to stay fresh and active all day.

Are you stressed or anxious or do you just want to relax your mind? Well, here is Mr. Rahul Jha to your rescue. Today he has got for you yoga for reducing stress and relaxing your mind. These exercises are popularly known as yoga for stress or yoga for anxiety. Watch this video till the end because these yoga tips for reducing stress or depression will surely help you in the long run.

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Tips For Reducing Stress And Relaxing Your Mind | Anxiety and Stress Relief Yoga in Hindi

Time Stamp
00:00 Yoga Tips For Reducing Stress And Relaxing Your Mind
00:20 Neck strengthening exercise
01:03 Shoulder rotation
01:37 Arm rotation
02:22 Side bent
03:40 Back bending
04:50 Hip rotation
05:34 Knee rotation
06:09 Simple squat
07:00 Stand on your toes while inhaling
07:28 Tadasana or mountain stretch
08:41 Surya namaskar
11:43 Samakonasana
13:03 Trikonasana
14:12 Malasana
15:06 Yoga asana while lying down
17:39 Baddha konasana
18:34 Keep your back straight
19:40 Cat and cow stretch position
21:16 Child pose
21:34 Lie on your stomach
21:55 Bhujangasana
22:03 Repeat the exercise 3-5 times
22:56 Child pose
23:17 Lie on your back
23:25 Take deep breaths
24:25 Try touching your knee with your chin
24:43 Pawanmuktasana
25:06 Twist your legs to both sides
25:22 Repeat this exercise 2-3 times
25:56 Shavasana
26:46 Shavasana is done for 2-3 minutes
29:13 Focus on your nose tip
29:35 Prayer position
31:00 Rub both your palms and place them on your eyes, face, shoulder, arms, and body.

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