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In today’s world stress is a part of life. So how to relieve stress and anxiety? What are the causes and symptoms of stress? Is there a simple way to get rid of stress, without having to pop pills? That’s right, you are asking all the right questions and we have the answers to all your questions!
Let’s first talk about a few causes and symptoms of stress – while causes could be anything from financial trouble to pressure at work to health problems, the symptoms may be inability to sleep, poor performance at work, addictions to smoke and drink, excessive eating and lack of energy. And does this affect your body? Yes it does! Stress affects your heart, immune system, skin, lungs, digestive tract and most importantly your brain.
Well, now that you know the causes as well as symptoms of stress, what can we do about it?
Practicing yoga is one guaranteed way of relieving stress. Some of the stress relief techniques, deep breathing exercises taught as part of yoga training are excellent ways of dealing with anxiety and stress. And one of the yoga asanas or yoga poses called the pranayama is considered a sure fire stress buster.
The first pranayam technique is called the easy pranayama technique – sit with your back straight, breathe in and slowly breathe out. You should count down 11 deep breathes and each time inhale and exhale the same duration. This yoga pose ensures that a lot of stress and toxins are eliminated from your body and you are much calmer in your thought process. This breathing technique will ensure that you are focussed all the time.

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