Stretch the day’s tension away with this yin yoga sequence

Release tension in the body & mind with this yin yoga sequence created by our expert Laura van Ree. With deeply restorative postures, it’s the perfect full body stretch to end a workout or a stressful day.

This yin yoga routine will help you stretch the tension out of your muscles and your mind. The long-held poses in this sequence are all done lying or sitting on the ground. As you flow smoothly from one pose to the next, the deep stretches and long holds invite you to slowly move deeper into relaxation.

Some of the yin yoga postures incorporated in this sequence are the banana pose, the cat tail, eagle arms and savasana poses. Subscribe today and make sure you click that bell if you don’t want to miss anything!

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Existing for over 5000 years, yoga does more than simply burn calories. Regardless of your experience, with Yoga and Meditation, you can achieve inner peace and balance step by step.

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