Pranayama Yoga For Stress Relief

Indea Yoga Pranayama for Immunity Practice to relieve the day to day stress and Stress related health problems

Whenever we find ourselves experiencing the maximum of anything, the one thing that we never miss to do is close our eyes, open our arms, and take a deep breath to fill ourselves with that moment. What is it with the deep breath that we experience? We shall experience through this video..
Pranayama can be a healing practice, unlike any other medicine ever created. It not only has the potential to bring the body out of pain and illness but can also aid tremendously in developing a higher state of consciousness. Everyday, modern science is coming up with new research on how pranayama affects the system on physical, mental, and emotional levels. The studies show favorable outcomes in people who practice pranayama regularly, though the question of HOW still intrigues modern scientists.
“Breathing is a link between body and mind, as much as brain is a link between the two. Thus, if both brain and breathing are individually linked to the psyche and the soma, the natural question is what connections are there between is what connections are there between brain and breathing themselves.”
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To be able to draw a conclusion for ourselves, we all shall become experimenters in this path of Yoga and analyze what we are experiencing during, after, and after 6months of regular pranayam practice.
In this video:
We are going to share 3 very important pranayama with you which can help you overcome day to day stress as well as help us to boost the immunity system. Besides these, they will also prove to be useful for weight loss, anxiety, depression, constipation, migraine, tension headache, digestive disorders, sinusitis, asthma, and other respiratory disorders.
They are namely Kapalbhati (miss-spelt as Kapaal Bharti), Bhastrika, and Nadi shuddhi pranayama

How to do Kapalbhati: (00:42)
Sit comfortably with spine lifted, eyes gently closed, shoulders and neck relaxed.
Breathing: active exhalation and passive inhalation – check video for demonstration (01:22)
After practice, it is recommended to stop and observe until the breath naturally comes to normal rate.
If you are a serious or advanced practitioner who is comfortable with Breathing exercises, you can go a little faster. But remember to never rush with the practice. Build it steadily with 3-5 rounds.

How to do bhastrika: (02:31)
There are many techniques to practice Bhastrika. One of the simple ways is to inhale as well as exhale actively with the arms raising up as we breathe in and releasing down as we breath out – check video for demonstration (02:53)
After practice of 50-60 strokes, it is recommended to stop and observe until the breath naturally comes to normal rate. In case of heart, respiratory, and back related problems, start with less rounds and do not force the suspension or holding of breath.

How to do Nadi shuddhi/ nadi shodhan/ alternate nostril breathing: (03:48)
Sitting in padmasana, spine lifted. With the right hand, making nasika mudra – see video (04:08). Start inhaling from the left nostril and exhale from the left. Then inhale from the left and exhale through the right – check video for demonstration (04:22)
Try to practice 20 rounds but do not strain yourself. Do it comfortably to reduce stress and bring about some great changes in the body as well as mind.

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