Meditation For Children (Calming activity)

Meditation is a powerful practice. Our children today live in a world so full of constant stimulation and entertainment. Learning to sit still and breathe can help kids to calm themselves when they feel stressed or anxious. Regular practice of this set of exercises can also strengthen the muscles around the spine and improve posture. This is a great video to put on when kids are hyper-stimulated and struggling to calm themselves down.

This short meditation is based on a set of Qi Gong exercises that focus on breathing and developing your Qi (internal energy). It is important to sit with good posture whilst performing these exercises and focus on your breathing, keeping it steady and regular. In each movement, you breathe in for the first half of the movement and out for the second. For the static movements, keep your breathing slow and constant.

Just as with all of our videos, I recommend practicing this with your kids so you can guide them and encourage them. This practice will help adults just as much as it will help kids!

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