Meditation for Children 2

Hi! In case you guys are unaware, I thought I should let you know an important channel update:

YouTube is changing the way that they handle content for kids on the platform to ensure that they comply with regulations set by the American Government. These changes mean that this channel (and all other Kid’s channels) will no longer have the following features:

– There will be no community tab to receive messages
– You will not receive notifications when I release videos
– You won’t be able to add videos to playlists or save videos to watch later
– There won’t be any end screens or info cards in my videos

These changes will make it much harder to grow and maintain channels that are for children but I am going to try to improve my social media game (heads up, I have so far been pretty terrible at using social media) to get information out there. I am going to use facebook and instagram to announce when I have a new video up and I was thinking I could use them to provide more detailed information about individual exercises so you have more information available to you when you are guiding your little people through the videos.

If you would like to follow me on instagram or like my Facebook page I would appreciate it, hopefully I can continue to grow this channel! 🤞

Now onto this video. This meditation, like the previous one, is based off Qi Gong exercises that I have studied as part of my martial arts training. When the monkey’s mouth is closed it means inhale, when it is open, exhale. I animated it like this so it is easy for kids to follow the breathing patterns of the exercises. Qi gong is usually performed by inhaling and exhaling through the nose, but for young children I think it’s more important for them to breath in a way they are comfortable with. The most important things are to sit with good posture and try to time breath with the exercise.


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