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So we’re going to come into Cat and Cow pose. Beautiful to do in the beginning of your practice because it opens up the spine, it starts to move like fluidity through the spine, join the breath and the body together nicely. So it’s a nice one one to do right in the beginning.

To start you’re going to come on to all fours. Make sure that the shoulder is over the wrist. So a lot of us get in here, pitch it forward or more commonly pitch it behind. So just make sure the shoulders are over your wrist and that your knees are right underneath your hips.

And we’ll first just talk about the whole anatomy of the pose and then we’ll talk about different ways that you can use your feet to aid in this process. So first things first is Cow. And you have to think of it like an Indian cow. Like it needed to eat a meal. So it looks like this. The belly falls down, the shoulders roll back and the gaze comes up towards the sky. That’s on the in breath. As you exhale you’re going to reverse that. So you’re going to carve the belly in, puff the rib cage up and look in at your navel. Inhale, and exhale.

So you can start to add the toes. Curl the toes, even press back into the toes, gaze up and then the release the toes, press the tops of the feet down and look in at your navel. If you want to intensify this, make this more of a core, a core awakening posture, just tuck your toes under and hover your knees two inches above the floor and work the pose this way. So it’s going to be smaller, it’s going to be more subtle, but you’ll have to engage a little bit in the core body to keep yourself here.

So there’s some variations of Cat and Cow.

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