Goodnight yoga for kids

This video is a new version of one of the first videos I created, the toddler yoga night time routine. It will hopefully be easier to follow than the original. It is slowed down and the poses are generally held for longer.

This night time routine aims to help kids to relax and prepare for a good night’s sleep. Children tend to sleep better if they have a consistent bedtime routine, so trying adding this video to your normal night routine to help kids calm down, relax and get to sleep quickly!

I remade this video at the suggestion of a mum who has little ones following the original video, as they were finding the poses and transitions too fast to follow.

I really appreciate any feedback on ways to improve! My animation skills are still amateur (at best!) and I hope to improve with each video I create.

Thanks for watching and feel free to provide any feedback or new video suggestions in the comments section!

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