Frogs, Reptiles and Rainforests: Saturday Morning Yoga

Frogs, Reptiles and Rainforests: Saturday Morning Yoga | Cosmic Kids
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Join Jaime for a medley of rainforest-themed yoga, mindfulness and relaxation. Get your weekend off to a lovely tropical start!

0:00 Frank the Frog | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure
We’re off to the jungles of Costa Rica to meet our favourite frog FRANK! He is hosting a special Olympic Games and we are the guests of honour! We try out all sorts of fun sports whilst learning the importance of cheering on and supporting our friends.

18:49 Super Yoga | Dinosaur Disco
A 5 minute fast-paced yoga game for kids. Get the wiggles out and build your knowledge of lots of kids yoga poses! Copy the moves and let’s see how many points we can score! A fun challenge for memory, coordination and information processing. A great one for the whole family to try!

23:45 Jaime’s Brain Breaks | Little Green Frog
Time for some vocal and funny face frog movement! See if you can learn the song, copy the actions and keep up the pace! Get ready with your jazz hands!

27:10 Lizard Pose | Yoga Pose Universe!
Lizard Pose stretches and strengthens the legs and opens the hips! Breathe into it and you can really relax and enjoy the feeling. Remember to do it on both sides! This one’s also known as Lizard Pose in adult yoga, or Utthan Pristhasana.
Yoga Pose Universe is a fun series visiting all the kids yoga poses.

29:14 Snake Pose | Yoga Pose Universe!
Try Snake Pose with Jaime!
Snake Pose (Cobra Pose) is a kids yoga pose which is wonderful for stretching out our backs and opening up our chests.

30:37 Rainbow Waterfall | Peace Out Guided Relaxation for Kids
Peace Out is a series of guided relaxations and visualizations for kids, written and voiced by Jaime from Cosmic Kids.
In this guided relaxation, we go floppy like cooked spaghetti and then take a journey into a magical forest in our minds. Eventually we discover a stream and follow it to the beautiful Rainbow Waterfall!

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