Energy, Tension & Stress Release Yoga Class

This 25 minute yoga class begins with 4 minutes of focused breathwork. A modified breath of fire pranayama will help you connect with your body and breath while you move energy.

Stretch and build heat in your legs and lower back with froggy squats and lifts. Build heat and flexibility with down dog crunches and wide-legged low lunge with chest presses followed by lizard pose – a deep twist and quad stretch. Return to a squat with a wider stance and stretch for your hips in Malasana.

Balance breath and movement (vinyasa) with strength and stretch as you practice side plank and spine strengthening postures including cobra and locust.
Stretch your shoulders in thread the needle and strengthen your core with reclined twists.

Complete your class with reclined pigeon and Savasana.

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Yoga Instructor: Erin Sampson
Location: Arvada, Colorado

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