Best Prostate Stretch | Asana Benefits

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00:00 Intro
00:06 1.Butterfly Pose: Excellent for Prostate
00:54 2.Hindolasana: Helpful in Enlarged Prostate
01:46 3.Malasana: Increase blood flow in pelvis
02:30 4.Janusirsasana: Relieves urinary disorders
04:00 5.Purvottanasana: Massages abdomen & back
05:18 6.Balasana: Best claming pose, reduce stress.

If you are suffering from an enlarged prostate then you probably looking for some natural ways to get relief for prostate problems.
Below are 6 yoga poses and stretches that are excellent for prostate problems along with the benefits of each posture to get relief at home from the enlarged prostate gland.

1. Titali Asana / Butterfly pose: Opens up hips and thighs, improves flexibility. Useful to kidneys, bladder, prostate, endocrine gland, and ovaries. It is helpful for menopause to stimulate the reproductive and Digestive systems.

2. Hindolasana / Cradle Pose Yoga: Gentle hip stretch, opens pelvic region, Massages abdominal muscles. Stimulates colon, liver, kidneys, reproductive + digestive systems.

3. Malasana: Increase circulation and blood flow in the pelvis. regulate sexual energy, is good for pregnant women, helps release gas, and constipation & improves digestion.

4. Janusirsasana: Effective in relieving urinary disorders. massages pelvic floor, Helpful in diabetes and relieves constipation, & an excellent energy booster.

5. Purvottanasana: Deep stretch to the upper body, including shoulders, chest, abdomen, & spine, build strength throughout all core muscles & muscles surrounding the spine.

6. Balasana: Calms mind, reduces anxiety and fatigue. Massages abdomen increases blood circulation to the head.

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