5 Yoga Poses to Improve Your Concentration

Constantly being bombarded thoughts and distractions could make concentrating feel like an impossible task.

Yoga can help bringing our awareness to the present moment and focusing our attention on our breath. Here are 5 Yoga poses to improve concentration.

1) Vrksasana – The quintessential yoga balance, and a posture in which you’re standing on one leg, Tree Pose really requires attention and concentration to stabilize.

2) Half Moon Pose – Half Moon works the hips in the opposite direction of Warrior III, creating openness within the hip joint and concentration of the mind.

3) Warrior III – This flying warrior pose requires focus and concentration as you stabilize your body on one leg and draw your torso parallel to the floor.

4) Crow Pose – This challenging yet accessible arm balance requires attention to many details of alignment within the body, forcing concentration and complete presence within the moment.

5) Natarajasana – This balancing backbend takes a whole lot of focus and attention to detail to create openness and expansion while maintaining balance on one leg.

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